Sunday, February 22, 2015

Running on the Wall 10k

She Believed, So She Did. The title of the most recent Running on the Wall 10k. This Saturday I went out for my run for this 10k and I had a blast! I turned on the Running Radio Mix on Pandora and just went out for nice casual run. Dancing a bit to the tunes along the way. It was picture perfect weather for the run too, sunny, gentle breeze and not too hot or too cold. Perfect for a fun run in the sun! Yes, be jealous lol. 
I found the race on their Facebook page and decided I just had to do it. The motto they chose for the race is reason enough! But they also gave out nifty medals, tank tops, bracelets, and bibs for those who participated. 
How girly was this race!? Perfect really. To "compete" in this race you have to take a photo of you and your time and submit it online. Here was my submission:
If you haven't done a virtual race, I recommend trying one! This one was particularly fun because of the FB involvement with the other runners, Posting about how our runs went, where we did them, how we did, what went well or wrong. It was a lot more fun than the other two I have participated in. 
After the run was completed, I stopped for my photo session and then continued on for another mile or so. So I ended up running about 7.14 miles. A good solid run, I feel like I will be in good shape for my next race in a week, the Hot Chocolate 15k in Seattle. I can't wait!
Keep on Running!