Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spring Training!

Spring training is about to start for the Seattle Mariners! I am so excited that the baseball season is getting ready to start back up. For those of you who don't know, baseball is by far my favorite sport. I love it all! I grew up a semi-Cubs fan. Being that I couldn't watch any games because they weren't played on local TV. But I inherited the team from my family. Now that I am an adult I am a Mariner's fan and love the fact that I can now go to the games! 
In celebration of season getting ready to start back up I finally ordered myself a jersey! Unfortunately the style that I wanted no longer is available in a women's size so I had to order a youth size but none the less, I have my jersey! 
I cannot wait to show my Mariner's pride! I am definitely one of the "decked out" fans. I have hair bows, earrings, jackets, t-shirts, ball caps, etc. Right now I am even looking at creating my own shoes! Strange idea, but true. I have a pair of Seahawks shoes in the making too. More about that later :D
Who is your favorite team? Or is baseball isn't your cup of tea, what is?
Keep on Running!