Monday, March 9, 2015

Crash and Burn

That's definitely what happened last night when I went for a run after I got off work. So excited was I to be running in the sunlight after work and there I was not even a quarter mile into the run on the ground in pain. There was a crack in the sidewalk that I didn't see and when my toe met it I met the ground. 
I hit my knees first and then my hands and somehow also managed to hit my hip and smash my phone. Thankfully I was able to mostly walk it off and we still got another mile and a half of a walk in. And my knees only are missing a tiny bit of skin, so I think I faired alright.
Of all of the running that I've done I can't remember ever falling like that. But I guess it's bound to happen. I hear stories of people falling all the time. And with how clumsy I am I'm surprised that it doesn't happen we more often.
Well, it's the next morning and I'm feeling alright, just a bad bruise on my left knee but I'm walking fine and feeling fine which is the important part. Especially since I have a half marathon this weekend which I've been really looking forward to. 
Lesson learned, pay more attention when I'm running!
Stay safe and Keep on Running!