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Pacing Fail

In my last post I announced really awesome news that I was to be a race pacer for the Wenatchee Half Marathon. Unfortunately this did not come to pass, there were some difficulties in trying to find enough volunteers to be pacers. Because there wasn't enough volunteers they had to cancel the pacing part of the race. I had already paid for my hotel room for the race and as compensation for my efforts I was given free race entry. So I trekked over to Wenatchee and had a really great experience, despite the hiccup.  I arrived in Wenatchee the day before the race to go to the race expo. Which I am really glad I did because my entry, along with two of my fellow runners in the Seattle Green Lake Running Groups, registrations were wrong. So I switched them over and enjoyed the expo.
I toured around town for a while, going from boutique shop to boutique shop and ended up at a Pub/Bar called McGlinn's and had probably the BEST salad of my life. It was soooo good! And I don't even li…