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Seattle Magazine Brunch Run

Run run run as fast as you can! That was the theme of this entire run for me, strangely it started way earlier than the race did. My friends and I all carpooled to the race however, none of us thought to look where to park. Why? Because we thought there would be signs directing us to park, and there were... except we parked in a parking lot dedicated to another race that was happening that day and we had no clue.  We arrived about an hour before the race was to start because we had to pick up our race packets and we wanted to have enough time to get settled in before the start. We piled out of the car and wandered towards the race start (so the signs indicated), about a mile of wandering we found a group of race volunteers and they directed us towards the race start. After about another mile and half we realized that we had be misdirected by a group of volunteers for the wrong race! We found yet another group of volunteers and they were the correct ones this time, thank goodness! They …

The Up and Coming Locust Hard Cider

Hard cider, is something that I'm more than enjoy. So much so that I was invited to Locust Cider in Woodinville, Washington first a cider tasting. I didn't really know what to expect since I had never been to private cider tasting before but I'm glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised. They spared no expense in catering to the guests by providing gourmet sandwiches and as much cider as we would like to drink, but that wasn't the best part, the cider was something I hadn't yet experienced before which is very exciting. Locust Cider was founded by two brothers from Texas who just wanted a cider that they can drink. They make most of their ciders from Pacific Northwest apples and fruit. They only use real fruit and no artificial sweeteners. Their slogan is "We think real people deserve real good cider" and I feel like they're definitely on the road to keep their slogan true. They show cased six different ciders four of which are currently available for…