Monday, January 25, 2016

22 miles, that's easy!

This weekend was the first week of longer runs in my training plan. Saturday I was to run 14 and Sunday 8 but I decided to have a bit of fun on Saturday and I ran the Rain Run half marathon with my friend Peter. It was the perfect weather for the run, it was in the 40s and it sprinkled the whole race! I have worked with race directors before and they are just the nicest people! Plus, they put on a really great race experience every time. They don't let the fact that the race is small effect the quality of the support that they give on or off the course. They have nice aid stations and a fun start/finish area. What I also like about The Rain Run is that they don't do shirts, they actually give out umbrellas instead. Fitting, right!? I highly recommend this race. 

Peter and I crossing the muddy finish line!
Yep, I finished half marathon #25!
It was a lot of fun running with Peter as well. It made the time go by so fast! We just chatted and had a great time. I should run with friends more often! 
On Sunday we had a very rare thing happen here during a PNW winter, it was sunny! So I went out for my run nice and early (for me) and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day. To makeup for the mile that I missed with only running 13.1 on Saturday I ran 9 miles on Sunday which wasn't hard considering the weather! I had so much fun running both days. 
A bright and sunny 9 miles!
I also wore my very first hydration pack for the very first time on Sunday. I have the Salomon S-Lab ADV Skin3, I was surprised at how little bounce there was, basically none, and how light it is! I didn't like how the more you drank from the soft shell water bottles the further they sink into the pockets and you have to dig them out but I am sure I will figure out a trick to keep that from happening, it was only my first run with it after all. But I am also shocked at how I could've gone this long without having a hydration pack! Oh man was it nice to be able to have water whenever I felt like it. It may be my new favorite toy!   
Keep on Running!