Tuesday, January 26, 2016

3 Miles and I'm still alive

Before the winter break I was running the fastest I had ever run. I even made a sub 9:00 pace for my 5k PR at the ESR First 5k. (Which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to PR on a 5k.) I came in second for my age group as well! Not too shabby. My friend Michelle took first in our age group. ;) 
Prema, Jordan, myself and Michelle before the race. :)
My run today was not so happy. I pushed extremely hard and pushed my pause button several times on my watch to "get this pace". This pace is still 13 seconds slower than that 5k and that 5k I wasn't about to die. 
I am still working at it and I will get back to that old pace and better! Hopefully without getting sick on the trail! lol