Sunday, January 17, 2016

Progress and Changes!

Oh what a week. I've picked up my training quite a bit this week. My long run on Saturday was 10 miles, it was a bit more rough than I thought it would be, unfortunately. For some reason I just couldn't find my groove. I made it through feeling accomplished though, because I didn't let the struggle stop me from completing the run!
New hair for the long run! It was weird, lots of bouncy bouncy hair! I have somehow managed to have pretty long hair since I started running a bit over 4 years ago. It may be trivial but it did bother me quite a bit when I was running.
 Today I decided to avoid the massive wind storm that we were having by heading to the gym to workout/watch the Seahawks decidedly lose miserably to the Panthers. Which, as it turns out, only makes working out less enjoyable when you see your team making terrible mistake after terrible mistake! However, I did manage to get in 1 hr 40 minutes of cardio and a bit of weight training. I decided to cross train a bit today instead of running 8 miles. I figured after yesterday's terrible run performance it might be good to change it up.
This weekend was a incredibly productive weekend, which kind of means it was a boring one... I cleaned the whole house and took down all the Christmas decor. etc etc blah blah blah. Back to normal I suppose! 
Better luck next year Hawks!
Keep on Running!