Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ramping up

Today I decided to head into Seattle to run with the Seattle Green Lake Running Group. It was really nice to be able to run with a few running buddies for a few miles. They also pushed my pace for a bit, which was really nice! I noticed that even though I was running way faster than I normally would have on my own that it didn't seem that bad. I think I credit this to the fact that I didn't have my running watch on, I somehow forgot it on my long run! I think not looking down at my watch every few seconds allowed me to take my mind off of it and just run. I was even able to hold conversation, so that really means I put too much on my watch lol. I have read a few articles now saying to leave the watch behind every once in awhile and this definitely backed that up.
Stopping for a photo op! 
The full run for me today ended up being 15.81 miles. The last 6 were pretty rough for some reason. I felt pretty done by mile 9 and I am not sure why. My legs actually got tired, which hardly ever happens. But I also did start upping my workouts this week as well, hopefully that's all it was!
On Thursday I ran the faster mile I have ever run. 7:04! 
After the fastest mile ever!
This week I have continued using PiYo and I have started ChaLean Extreme. This new program is a weight lifting centric program. It isn't quite what I expected. In TurbFire is all cardio and in PiYo is "moving yoga". While this new program is all about the reps and holding weights in different positions. But I need it, that's for sure! So I will keep it up. 
Getting Ultra ready!!!
Keep on Running!