Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Skiing at Whistler!

What a fantastic weekend! My friend Jordan invited several of his friends and I to spend the weekend in Whistler, B.C. I had never been there but had heard many great things. I am so glad I went! The beauty is indescribable!
Photo by Jordan Anderson

 This was my second adventure with skiing. Like the first time it didn't go well. I either just don't have the knack for it or I should take lessons. (I'd like to take lessons) I really want to be able to ski! 
It wasn't long into the day when I had taken one too many falls and I had to head back to the chalet. But it was so much fun to see the mountains, the snow, all of the wonderful skiers. I can't wait to get better at skiing so that I can go back!
My friend Michelle and I right before my last big fall.

Michelle and I in front of our Chalet, right at the top of the ski in ski out!
As it turns out Jordan knows some very talented people! His friends spent two days back country skiing! WoW! And I can't even make it down the bunny hill without falling. But they were all wonderfully fascinating and I thought it was really neat to be able to spend time with people who have such deep passion for the outdoors. P.s. they are all crazy awesome rock climbers too! 
I am so glad that Michelle was there! She made it seem like it wasn't a big deal that I kept falling all over the place. She kept my spirits up for sure! Then she managed to go down several green slopes and even a blue on her first day of skiing, ever! Go Michelle! 
Even after several falls and banging up my knee pretty well, I still managed to go for a 4 mile run after we got home Sunday, so I am pretty happy about that. Can't wait to get some longer runs in!
Keep on Running!