Thursday, January 7, 2016

What should've been Day 2

The day started off ... On the wrong foot and went downhill from there! I will spare the boring details but I will share a semi comical one.
For Christmas I bought Anthony and I adult kick scooters. The idea was to use them to quicken our commute to the bus and back. Yesterday, was the first day that we had used them on the commute to work. Everything went fine in the way into work but on the way home we were scooting along full speed when my front wheel locked up. I went flying! It was probably a good 4 feet of soaring before I graciously landed on my knee and then spread eagle onto the ground face first. With the scooter whipping around to leave a baseball sized welt on my ankle. It was quite impressive to watch I am sure. 
Well I am feeling much better today and plan on running this evening. 
I did learn something interesting in class last night though. There is a program called Limited License Legal Technicians. I found it very fascinating. Designed to speed up the legal process and to allow more people to practice law without being a lawyer.