Monday, January 4, 2016

Where has the time gone?!

This year has been so crazy I can't explain it all! I am going to give a super quick run down for the last couple of months.

Ragnar- I was able to participate in Ragnar Northwest Passage for the first time this year. It was so different from anything that I have ever done before in my life! It was so so so hard. I thought my total of 17 miles was harder than running my full marathon! This is because of all of the breaks. You run, take a several hour break, run, break, and then run again. 
Seattle RnR- I ran the Seattle Rock N Roll Half marathon again this year as part of my Cascadia marathon series. It was hot again this year and I was sick... but I made it through.
Derby Dash 5k- This was a lot of fun, a short local 5k, super flat and fast. Anthony decided to run this one with me as well. Ran with friends but no PR. 
Beats Half Marathon- This was the first year that the Beats Half Marathon has been run. It wasn't a bad race but it could have been a bit more exciting. There was music about every mile but there was no cheering people along the race and it kind of drug along. But if you want a fast, flat race, this is a good choice, only a couple very minor hills in it. But there are two out and backs.
Grand Canyon- So VERY long story made short, in Sept my BFF and her BFF ventured down to AZ. We spent a day at Slide Rock Park where I was able to slide down a natural water side and got to cliff dive for the first time! It was so so much fun. We visited Sedona and had some amazing food at the Hideaway House Cafe. (HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!) We headed to the Grand Canyon and spent the night uptop and headed down on an early morning hike to the bottom. We got 1.7 miles in and my BFF slipped, shattered her ankle, she couldn't get a mule out or a stretcher so she crawled on her hands and knees for .2 miles to a location where she could get air lifted out. We spent several days in Flagstaff, AZ where she had emergency surgery before she was able to head home to MO. What an unforgettable trip in so many good ways and bad. She is doing well and has started taking small steps for the first time. 
Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon- This race was... interesting. The first 4 miles were so beautiful! You run over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and it is just breathtaking. Then you switch to running on a trail that goes along a Massive freeway for the last 8 miles. I was coughing for two months after this! The fumes really did a number on me. I do not plan on running this one again unless they can really change the course.
Beat the Blerch- I ran this race the day after I ran the Tacoma Narrows Half. (My first back to back race weekend.) I ran it with Anthony and it was on a very flat gravel trail. It poured!!!! We were just sopping wet basically the whole race. However, it was a really fun race, super beautiful course! Really motivational and fun. I would say, if you are an average runner and usually go to the middle of the pack, go to the front. This race draws in EVERYONE, which is Wonderful but also means a Ton of walkers/very slow runners. 
Leavenworth Half Marathon- This race I decided to do the week of! Ha! But the weekend was a blast. I went with a group of friends to Leavenworth and we rented a cabin. Just a blast! The race is unbelievably beautiful. It runs along the base of mountains and over and along rivers. But .... The last mile and a half is on very loose sand. That was awful. Made every inch of me hurt lol. But if you don't mind that, sign up!!! Wonderful race, well supported and fun.
Woodinville Wine Country Half Marathon- This race was the first race I paced. It was really an interesting experience. I made several practice runs before the race to be sure I had a good feel for the pace. Which was about a minute slower than my normal race pace. At the start of the race, I had a group of about 20 people with me. (Pretty small race) I had lost a person here and there, then was down to around 10 for quite a while. At aid station 10 I lost all but one! She stayed with me to about 12.5 and I told her to finish strong! She did awesome. So I finished the race alone. But it was pretty fun, but my shoulder hurt pretty bad from holding the pace sign for 2 1/2 hours. Might be a while before I pace a race that long again.
ESR First 5k- This race is a bit special because my friend Jordan Anderson organized it with the support of my local running club, Eastside Runners. This race is as flat as a race can be. I managed to even PR! First time I was just under 9 minute miles on this one. 
Jamaica- In October Anthony was allowed to take a business trip to Jamaica and I was able to go with him! It was such an interesting experience. I was able to visit my first 3rd world country and it was highly educational. Met some wonderful people and had the best Jerk Chicken ever!
San Francisco Nike Women's Half Marathon- So, instead of flying straight home from Jamaica I flew to San Francisco! I arrived about 8pm and my friend picked up my race packet for me so I was able to run the race! (Great Friend!) I highly suggest never getting on a 11 hour plain trip then running a half marathon the next morning. My legs were super swollen and it was pretty painful. So I just took my time on the race and had fun with it. Took some great photos and enjoyed the run. This run is easily the most beautiful race I have ever run. If I get a chance to run in San Fran again I really look forward to it. Between the wonderful architecture and the bay, you are so distracted the whole time you forget you are running! I even made a new friend when I was hanging out in San Fran! 
Vancouver RnR 10k and Half- I went up to Vancouver, BC the weekend after I got back from San Fran to run the Rock N Roll Cunningham Seawall 10k on Saturday and then the Rock and Roll Half Marathon on Sunday. Wow another beautiful race series! The 10k goes along the seawall so you literally run one the ocean for 6 miles! Then the half goes through the city, the park and back to the seawall. I highly recommend these races as well. Great support, wonderful people and beautiful! 
Seattle Half Marathon- This run Anthony decided to run with me. We took it a bit slower than usual because it was a bit cold, about 32 degrees. Even though it was the third time that I have run the Seattle Half, I still love it! I am thinking about running the full this year instead of the half. Great race, but I think I love it mostly because it is my "home town" race. Going through the streets that I love.
YAY! What a wonderful time the last few months! There is one more thing that I didn't mention. I was transferred with my previous company but I didn't like the transfer so I quit. I hit the ground running and I got myself a new career! I now work as an Executive Assistant for Amazon in downtown Seattle! WOOT! I love my new job. It is so different from anything else that I have ever done and I am excited to see where this will take me.
On that note I will wrap up this post and hopefully I will be able to keep up a bit better from now on. 
Keep on Running!