Monday, February 1, 2016

Is it weird that I am glad my butt hurts?

The Frisco Railroad Trail.
My gluteus maximus is a whee bit sore... This is a good thing! I am building up the muscles in my buttocks, which is great for all of the stabilizing it'll need to be doing for me in my ultra. 50 miles on a gravel trail is going to put my butt to the test! 
This weekend I ran 26 miles total. I am pretty proud of that, considering my training started in the second week of January, officially. I feel like I am well on my way! I would said I could go out and run a full marathon right now if I wanted too (after the soreness of my butt goes away lol). I feel like my training is making good progress and if I keep ramping up like this, I have no worries about the ultra. 
Taking a quick break at mile 7 in my 10.21 miles on Sunday.
It can only go up from here! Have a wonderful day!
Keep on Running!