Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Blooms to Brews Full Marathon

As you all know I have been training like crazy for my first ultra marathon. And in my training I decided to use a full marathon as a training run. So I chose a nice easy flat course, Blooms to Brews in Woodland, WA. It is a beautiful country course with lots of flowers and country fields. You even get to run buy a vineyard or two. 
There were only two downsides to this who race. First, there is an inner loop that you have to run and you can see the runners on the loops from miles away. Which is neat at first then daunting later when you realize you still have that far to run! 
The second is that the whole course is on the road but then there is a mile of rough gravel road at the end of the race. The course description was a bit short on how much gravel there was. Other than that, this race is very well organized and very beautiful. 
This race didn't go well for me though. At mile 18 my ankle popped and caused me to be in an extraordinary amount of pain. I pushed through and toughed out the race but it left my whole right leg all janky for about two weeks! 
That was 100% my fault though, I wore trail shoes instead of road shoes. Lesson learned! 
I highly recommend this race to anyone though!
Keep on Running!