I am now a Hot Chocolate Ambassador!

Hello everyone! I am super excited to announce that I have been selected a a Hot Chocolate Ambassador! 
I have run two Hot Chocolate 15ks and last year I even paced the Seattle Hot Chocolate 15k

The Hot Chocolate 15/5k series began in Chicago in 2008. The owner of RAM Racing was looking for a fun, holiday event to end the year since the Chicago Marathon was the last major running event of the year (October). Something that wasn’t Christmas or Santa-themed that people would really enjoy. While a Starbucks fanatic, hot chocolate is the only thing he’ll order and as he was pontificating holding a cup of cocoa the light bulb went off!

That year there were 3,000 runners. In 2009 that number grew to 12,000. 2010 – 30,000 runners. 2011 – 40,000. 2012-13 we have hovered around 40,000+ runners, making it the largest race in the city of the Chicago. In 2012 RAM Racing expanded – taking the race to Washington D.C., Dallas and San Diego. Each year we have added 5-7 cities new cities. Today there are 15 Hot Chocolates all over the country between October and April. Runner feedback is important to us and that can seen through the quality of our production value, course, and the goodie bag. Last year 15,000 runners participated in our 3rd Seattle Hot Chocolate race. This year we are hoping for more as we debut a chocolate medal exclusively for 15k finishers!


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