Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thank you all for your support in my first Ultra!

There is no way to express my gratitude to everyone that gave me support and encouragement for the Frisco Railroad Run 50 mile run. Mom, Joshua and Tiffany who spent their day crewing for me, to Kaurine and Joshua for running us into the finish, to Lori and Aaron who stayed several several hours after their days were over to see me finish, and to my Grandpa and Aunt Janet who waited anxiously at the finish line waiting for me to arrive. Thank you to all of my friends back in Seattle who encouraged me every step of the way and especially Elizabeth who was the one who told me I could do it in the first place and to Theresa for continuous encouragement through all of my doubts, and to all of the other dozens of people I am missing, thank you all so much. I want to give a special thank you to Katie Wohnoutka who found me at mile 32 when I had reached a mental breakdown. My crew wasn't there for me but she got me to mile 35 where again, my crew wasn't there for me and I just wanted to quit. I even called my mom and told her to come pick me up, that I was done. But Katie and the Aid Station crew convinced me to keep going at least the next aid station. So I called my mom back and told her to meet me at mile 37 with my aid. By the time we had reached the next aid station Katie had pulled me out of my rut and lifted my spirits back up so much that we decided to continue on and finish the race together. I've never run 18 miles with anyone nor have I ever met anyone so encouraging and inspiring than Katie. Thank you so much for helping me reach a dream!