Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mt Zion Ragnar Trail Relay and the Grand Canyon!

I am sure that many of you have heard of the Ragnar Relays but have you heard of Ragnar Trail Relays? Same concept of a relay team but very different concept about traveling 200 miles. In a Ragnar Trail Relay there is a base camp where all of the teams camp out for a couple of days while each team member takes their turn running the three trail loops. Each runner still runs 3 separate times, just like a Road Ragnar but instead of all different legs, everyone on the team runs the same three legs. 
We did it! 
This race was a bit of a tough one, one of our teammates Lynne had an unfavorable run in with another very rude runner and ended up breaking a few bones in her right leg. We are all very grateful that she is up and about now, determined to be running again in the fall. She is an amazingly inspirational person who has shown us that there are no excuses! Here's to you Lynne! May you heal swiftly and kick all of our asses at our next meet up!
I look blah but was doing good. Was VERY hot out!
Other than that set back, we all had a really great time. We glamped and hiked around, and just had the best time running around the Mt Zion national park trails. This race is incredibly beautiful, the views are absolutely magnificent and the base camp is extremely nice with a huge shower area and a very fun pool and hot tub. 
This is a true trail race though, there are no aid stations (just one water cooler in the red loop) and you have to follow the markers on the ground for the path. There are tons of them though, so you can't get lost but you do have to pay attention! 
Brittany and I on the Bright Angel Trail.
After our Ragnar adventure was over Brittany and I headed down to the Grand Canyon to hike a bit of the Bright Angel Trail before heading to Vegas for some more fun. We made it to the mile three turnaround before heading back up. We were pretty beat from Ragnar, so we took it "easy" on this hike.
Loving life!
All in all quite a wonderful weekend get away! Loved every second of it! 
A HUGE Thank you to Brittany from flying out from the East Coast to volunteer for our Ragnar team, we all greatly appreciated it! 
Keep on Running!