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Mountain Adventures, Slips, Spills and Thrills!

I injured my ankle hiking the Enchantments a few weeks ago. This is the first real injury that I have had to deal with as a runner. It has been extremely difficult watching all of my friends go out and have so much fun during the fall running season. I went through several doctors appointments x-rays and a CT just to be told that it is a severe sprain. However, I would do that hike again in a heartbeat. It is indescribable! One of the most beautiful places that I have ever been. Just one of the many lakes along the Enchantments Hike. I am out doing small runs once again and I am starting my ramp up for the Seattle Marathon and the Deception Pass 50k.  That being said, this last weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to go with my friends out to Ragnar Trail Cascades and volunteered for the weekend. I really enjoyed still being apart of something that is so much fun.  Ragnar Trail Cascades is a trail relay. The idea being that you and your team get to camp out and run three di…

Trying Something New! AirBnB in Seattle

As you all know, living in a city these days costs an arm and a leg. I struggle to make ends meet each month, yet I am bound and determined to not have a roommate, so I decided to get creative. I signed up to be a host on AirBnB.  I didn't think that my apartment had anything to offer but as it turns out there are many many people listing and offering just a couch to crash on. I put a lot of thought into it and decided, just getting my couch rented out 6 nights a month, would drastically change my current living expense crunch.  Last night my very first guest checked in! He was drawn to my listing because of my race medal wall. He does triathlons and thought it'd be cool to crash with someone he could relate to. He is very friendly, thank goodness! It is always scary starting something new like this.  I'm really looking forward to meeting new people and trying something really new for me. Dog Lovers Paradise in Greenwood, Seattle Seattle, WA, United States My place is close t…

My Better Half Marathon, 10K & 5K

Sunday, February 12, 2017Save 10% with code IRONHORSELOVE My Better Half Marathonis a celebration of running, romance and deliciously bad bad rom-coms. You will run through the new, bigger, and better tunnel of love in one of four categories: Bromance (two guy friends), Besties (two girl friends), Lovers (romantically involved) and Lonely Hearts (self-explanatory). In addition to a romantically good-time, you will receive a custom, long sleeve zip running shirt (similar to last year's quality), a new twist on finisher medals (what could THAT mean???), free professional race photo downloads (because we know you heart da glamour shots), and a catered post-race hot meal (yum!) Who knows???Maybe we'll see a wedding proposal this year.  WHAT? A Half Marathon, 10k and 5k running event!  Available in Individual, Couple, and Relay Flavors.WHEN? February 12th, 2017 at 8:00amWHERE? Seward Park, Seattle, WA.WHY? Because love conquers all.Save 10% with the code IRONHORSELOVE. All registration…

ULTRA Classy Ladies of Green Lake - Ragnar Northwest Passage

You know those crazy stories you hear about people running even further than a marathon? (A marathon is 26.2 miles) The ones that just keep going and going? Those crazy people are called ultra marathoners. This year we, Ladies of Green Lake, decided to try something new for Ragnar Northwest Passage. We decided to try out some of this craziness for ourselves. However, we took it up at notch.  How does one take ultra marathoner running up a notch?! Easy, run the distance as a relay, without any sleep, questionable food decisions, (because who really know how to properly fuel for a 30 hour relay with no sleep??) non stop go go go, and having to focus on driving, coordinating, not getting lost, trying to sleep in a very loud moving van, running through the night, not getting lost... not getting lost... don't lose your runners! and spending 30 hours with 6 people in a van... that van gets really small very fast!  When we started we weren't sure what to expect. This was Ji's firs…

Pie High Trail Run Half Marathon

Ok all y'all! I finally did it! I ran my first official trail half marathon. It only took 30 half marathons to get out there and finally do it, but there yah go! The Pie High Trail Run got me out there, well, who can say no to pie!? I have always loved running trails way more than roads. I have been running on them for quite a while now but this has just been my first official race. I had a blast!!! My friends and I decided to give ourselves trail names and we even registered under them. The race director found this to be hilarious and asked us to pose for a picture. From left to right: Sweatband Jesus, Briny Bradypus, Rabid Raccoon, Trash Panda, Red Velvet Underground, Crack Attack! This the hill we started off with. Just a nice hello from the start. A 500 foot straight up hill! Wasn't that bad once you got going, just daunting at the site of it.  My coworker Anne decided to join in on the impromptu trail race, she ran with me the whole time and here we are crossing the finish li…