Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pie High Trail Run Half Marathon

Ok all y'all! I finally did it! I ran my first official trail half marathon. It only took 30 half marathons to get out there and finally do it, but there yah go! The Pie High Trail Run got me out there, well, who can say no to pie!? I have always loved running trails way more than roads. I have been running on them for quite a while now but this has just been my first official race. I had a blast!!!
My friends and I decided to give ourselves trail names and we even registered under them. The race director found this to be hilarious and asked us to pose for a picture.
Doing inappropriate things to the bear...
From left to right: Sweatband Jesus, Briny Bradypus, Rabid Raccoon, Trash Panda, Red Velvet Underground, Crack Attack!
Conquering that hill with a smile! Didn't even know this photo was being taken.
This the hill we started off with. Just a nice hello from the start. A 500 foot straight up hill! Wasn't that bad once you got going, just daunting at the site of it. 
Beautiful finish!
My coworker Anne decided to join in on the impromptu trail race, she ran with me the whole time and here we are crossing the finish line. 

The race was EXTREMELY well marker. There was never any doubt that I was on the trail even with the million twists and turns. There were two water stops which was just right for this race which was mostly shaded. The finish lines had all sorts of goodies including delicious pie! 
I highly recommend Northwest Trail Runs! I look forward to running with them again in the future.  
Keep on Running!
Huma Gels kept me going through the run! #humabeings