ULTRA Classy Ladies of Green Lake - Ragnar Northwest Passage

 You know those crazy stories you hear about people running even further than a marathon? (A marathon is 26.2 miles) The ones that just keep going and going? Those crazy people are called ultra marathoners. This year we, Ladies of Green Lake, decided to try something new for Ragnar Northwest Passage. We decided to try out some of this craziness for ourselves. However, we took it up at notch. 
How does one take ultra marathoner running up a notch?! Easy, run the distance as a relay, without any sleep, questionable food decisions, (because who really know how to properly fuel for a 30 hour relay with no sleep??) non stop go go go, and having to focus on driving, coordinating, not getting lost, trying to sleep in a very loud moving van, running through the night, not getting lost... not getting lost... don't lose your runners! and spending 30 hours with 6 people in a van... that van gets really small very fast! 
Here we are, sweet innocent Ragnarians about to start on a seemingly impossible path! 
When we started we weren't sure what to expect. This was Ji's first run longer than a half marathon and she Rocked it! I struggled really bad last year and I crushed my half marathon PR time! Liz and Karrie both ran their first ultra distance in a race and of course they were crazy fast and extremely impressive. Brooke had the longest hardest legs, and she was incredibly strong and powered through. Poor Lauren got thrown into a van with a bunch of strangers and was a total sweetheart the whole time and she has some impressive speed on those legs! 
First leg of the relay, accidentally PRed my half marathon on this leg!
ULTRA Classy Ladies took 2nd place in our division! 
To say the least, this year I enjoyed the Northwest Passage a lot more than last year. I loved the longer distances and the one van. Yes, it meant less time to rest but it also felt like there was less hurry up and wait. Didn't have time to relax or get anxious, just had to keep going which was a welcome distraction for a road relay race. I enjoyed it so much I'd almost consider running it again, almost... ;) 
A huge thank you to my sister who flew out from Missouri to be our driver for the race. She allowed us to focus on running the event and gave us a much needed break from driving. Thank you Kaurine!
I will always recommend Ragnar relays, just be prepared to be completed exhausted, in a good way!
Keep on Running!
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Huma Gels kept me going through the run! #humabeings


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