Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Finally a Part of Team Oiselle Volée!

Welcome, Oiselle Teammates!
All of us were attracted to this team for our own reasons. Maybe it was the community, the race singlet, a desire for inspiration, the free shipping :), or any number of things. The pathways to this email are as unique as the individuals reading it. And now, here we are. What now? How will the story of she become the story of we? Whether it's meeting other local runners, connecting online more broadly, or simply making a friend or two, the people we surround ourselves with weave into our beliefs of what we think is possible, and how we view ourselves and our potential. I hope that like me, you find that meeting another Volée for the first time never feels like the first time. That this team calls you up, opens you to receive inspiration, and compels you to let your light shine even brighter. On behalf of the team, we are so excited you are here.
Lauren Fleshman
I am so excited that I finally was able to apply for the team. They only have open registration every so often and can be easily missed! But I am now a Oiselle Volée Team member! WooT!
Keep on Running!