Friday, October 7, 2016

Would you rent out your couch to complete strangers? AirBnB update 2

Money Maker!
Since my last post I have successfully had 4 guests stay with me! I never knew that my little couch would come in handy with paying the bills but here it is lending a helping cushion! What's even more shocking is that I am loving it! I have been blessed with extremely nice visitors. They have all been traveling for different reasons and are from all parts of the world. I have loved visiting with them and learning their stories, finding out what they are interested in seeing while in town, etc. 

October Guest Calendar
This is what my current booking calendar looks like. I have just a few more people staying with me! I am booked solid until half way through November. I couldn't be happier! My rate is extremely low, which draws in a lot of people but that works for me. I could raise my rate but then I wouldn't have as many bookings, $2 or $3 dollars a night can make or break an AirBnB listing. I'd rather have more frequent guests at this point. Later when I want "me time" I will adjust the nightly rate.
I have always been a neat freak but now I am forced to clean every single day. I never leave anything out of place and I wash the bedding between each guest, yes, as all hosts should! But this means I am constantly doing laundry as well. The additional laundry and sanitizing everything several times a week is about the only difference for me. I already vacuumed, mopped, dusted constantly because of Laddie, now I just get paid to do it. :) 
So far I don't have any interesting or juicy stories to share with you about my experiences thus far, thankfully I have had wonderful guests. 

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Thank you all for reading! Maybe I will be able to host you some time soon!