Monday, April 24, 2017

Hwy 101 and more

I am here googling away for all of the places that I might want to see when I hit the road with Laddie, I know there are so many amazing places in my neck of the woods that I haven't taken the time to go out and see or learn about.
As it turns out there are many do's and don't to road trips and staying in your car over night, who knew!? I am pretty excited about turning my little Escape into a mini camper for Laddie and I for several days. Anyone have any suggestions for this that I might not have read about? I have already figured out how to take out the seat cushions in the back to give me almost 8 more inches of headroom so that I can easily lay flat, Laddie just sleeps in a tiny ball... no concerns there lol. Just living in masses of Laddie hair all over the car for several days may drive me bonkers but it will so be worth it in the end.
I would love to get in a few hikes/trail runs on my trip as well and check out some awesome view points along they way.
Places that have been suggested and that I have also been considering, hwy 101, Alaska,driving up to Banff (however, may still be too early to head there yet), Walla Wall, maybe a cidery or a winery in there? I am not sure yet, I feel like the hard part will be turning back around and coming back home!
I am definitely going to head up into the peninsula for a couple days minimum, I have never been out there and there is no time like the present. I am really looking froward to some rain on my trip as well! Ha! Maybe check out the Tree Graveyard in Fork and Shi Shi Beach while I am at it.
I do have a couple set appointments, aka, I have a race I am attending with a friend in the North Cascades, which I am really looking forward too but that begs the question, should I head north from there? Should I just head East? The options are endless I suppose, it is so beautiful out there in the North Cascades, so beautiful that two weeks later I will be back there again for a race of my own.