Saturday, May 27, 2017

Writing starter 1

I am sitting in the sun, watching the waves crash against the rocks below me. The people walking behind me with their headphones in, phones out, and cameras strapped to their sides. Not looking up at the beauty before them. It is like this now. People are disconnected from the beauty and magic around them. Lost in their own little electronic worlds. I myself am a cheat, thinking I am looking up and around, telling myself that I am taking it all in but I’m not really. I have my laptop open and it is sitting in my lap, I'm just pretending to be a true observer of the beauty around me.
The water is warmer now, it is getting the summer hew about it, filling with sea plants, becoming less clear with every passing day. The music of the waves is louder now, with the passing boats now flooding to its water, causing more turbulence than in the winter months. I have lived her for five years now and I still catch my breath at the site and smell of the water. Coming from a land far far away, Missouri, there are no bodies of water quite like this. They are filled with debris and sediment, so brown that you couldn't see your hand if it was only a couple of inches in the water. The water here is different. It speaks to the heart easier than the water from back home.
I don’t see myself as a Missourian anymore. I am a true Washingtonian, I love the summers. It’s what we all live here for. The winters are worse than the world thinks. The rain and cold just doesn’t stop, made worse by the horridly short winter days. We can go weeks without ever seeing the sun. That’s probably the hardest part about the winter here. Not seeing the sun.
The mountains are so vivid in the distance. Standing tall and mighty as they are, still heavily snowcapped from our long winter. Rainier in the distance standing taller than anything around, as if to say “See me, acknowledge me; I am the guardian of the mountains and the sea.”
There are no real clouds in the sky today. Just happy little clouds trying to hang onto the mountains, they are fading fast. They won’t last the night. The sun is so warm that my hair is on end, it isn’t used to seeing the sun. It misses it, by the end of the summer my auburn hair with be strawberry blonde from its rays. It’s gift to me for enjoying its comfort and basking in its glory. I talk to the sun, I am not afraid of sounding silly. I tell it how grateful I am for it being here and how I have missed it more than it could know!
The cruise boats are passing by; the passengers line the railings taking photos of everything that they pass. Just making more waves for me to listen to as the crash against the shore below me.