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Eating disorders and more

I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle but life sometimes puts a bit more stress on me than it should and I break down every once in a while for a few months at a time. Whether it is because of recovery time from an injury or something else, I just get down on myself and I stop working out. I put on a few pounds here and there but it usually isn't that much. This year was different, even though I try to keep my head held up sometimes it loose sight of that healthy lifestyle and I binge eat junk food, this year, I binge ate for a few months! I just tried to eat my problems away. Which is never the answer but talking it out with my friends, and working hard to get some of the harder life things taken care of, I have been able to get the binge eating under control for now. It is something I have always struggled with, and I am sure I will continue to. If you would like to learn more about Binge Eating, click HERE
What is Binge Eating Disorder? Binge eating disorder is characteriz…

2017 has been an interesting year

So, here I am once again in Missouri. The place I never thought I would live again. Have to give life that, it is so unexpected and you just can't control it.

I have had a very rocky 2017. So much has happened this year in a negative way that it is almost unbelievable. I left Amazon because they wanted me to work more, I was already pulling 60-70 hour weeks (in office, not including work I did from home). Then I moved on to Intentional Futures and the job was ok but it wasn't challenging enough for me and it was just not quite the right fit, so I left them.

I have been unemployed now for three months. I have applied to hundreds of jobs and so far, nothing. It isn't from the lack of interviews. I have interviewed at least two dozen companies, mostly phone screens, but I am still in the rut. Hopefully the right role will come along soon.

As far as my running goes, I have talked about my IT band injury from July. I received a steroid shot in my knee which I had several reacti…