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My newest and greatest adventure yet, Ragnar Relay!

Sitting in the airport bar, listening to the soft conversation and the Ratpack being played in the background, sipping on my vodka seven reflecting on where my life has lead me. There has been a constant roller coaster of ups and downs in my near 30 years on this planet, the ups severally outweighing the downs. Although, the downs have not been too dissimilar to the following 300 scene:  I have had many careers already! I have been an office assistant, safe ride driver, a secretary for Northwest Missouri State University's Upward Bound Math and Science program, a Sam's Club cashier, an accounting office assistant at Missouri State University, a cashier at Family Video, a security officer at T-Mobile and SNBL through Gaurdsmark, a Control Room Technician/Security Manager (also through Gaurdsmark), an Executive Assistant at Amazon with Amazon Logistics Last Mile, and Executive Assistant at Intentional Futures and now I am working at Ragnar Relay as a Race Director!  My lows ten…