Sunday, December 28, 2014

A strong feeling of football

Tis the season for football. So much so that when Mom and Kaurine were in town we had to make a special trip into Bellevue just to go to the team store so they could get Seahawks t-shirts. Intentions are high everyday come into work about who's winning there fantasy football championships and who is losing. And now we're getting in the final game to see who are in the playoffs very exciting!
Who is your favorite team? Who are you rooting for? I am personally Seahawks fan it's my second favorite team the Vikings, who are winning today by the way. The countdown to the Super Bowl is truly on its way!
I only wish that running got as much publicity as football! Then I think everyone would strive to be a runner and then everyone would be in such great shape wouldn't know what do with ourselves as a country! Instead we kick back, relax and have a beer while we watch our football. At least is an awesome sport!
Oh the power of advertising and marketing is a wonderful thing. Even NASCAR gets tons of viewers and they just go around and around!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Looking toward the future

Christmas has come to pass and as we clean up our wrapping paper and tinsel we are sooner in the fact that Christmas is now over. Our families have so gone home and it's time to move on to the next big adventure! 

I did receive a couple awesome gifts this year and one of them was a PR board for Anthony and I. I love it and I also have a medal hanger that goes just below it. I cannot wait to use it!

I was able to create a little bit of a Christmas miracle myself, I magically gained 12 pounds in 7 days! I went back on to Nutrisystem this morning and will be starting Advocare in January. I am hoping to get rid of all of my holiday weight gain by January 7. That is my first mini goal. 

 This is The basic outline for the Advocare 24 day challenge, there are two phases the Cleanse phase in the Max phase. And during the challenge you were given a daily food guide as well for clean eating during the challenge you were also encouraged to work out several times a week. So it's mostly just an aid and you still do the work yourself. Although it doesn't seem like a good idea to combine to do Nutrisystem and Advocare, so I will not be doing that and I'll be cooking my own meals during the challenge.

24-Day Challenge Overview

The 24-Day Challenge is a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition program designed to give your body the JumpStart it needs to help you reach your goals. There's something for everyone – whether you are looking for weight management, energy, overall body composition or overall wellness. 

Cleanse Phase 

Proper absorption of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals is essential to maintaining a healthy body. However, periodic lifestyle changes may generate the need for a "fresh start" - that's where the Cleanse Phase comes in. On Days 1-10 of the 24-Day Challenge, you will take three products.

These products, in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, help to rid your body of waste and prepare your body to better absorb nutrients. This isn't the kind of cleanse where you drastically reduce calories or consume only liquids.

Max Phase
After completing the Cleanse Phase, it’s time to move into days 11-24: The Max Phase. The Max Phase is about fueling your body in order to achieve maximum results. During this phase you will take three products that work together to provide you with sustained energy, appetite control, core nutrition and overall wellness.

I'm really looking forward to trying something new and of course I will be updating you my progress throughout the challenge. 

Keep on Running!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Eve is tomorrow!

Are you ready? Christmas is upon us! If you have been reading then you know I have been doing the Merry Marathoner's Christmas and tonight will be the last night. And then Christmas is here! 
I have been preparing all month long for Christmas, my apartment is deck to the nines, there are tons of Christmas presents under the tree, I have baked and given out Christmas cookies, I have been doing my do diligence  and listening to Christmas music as much as I possibly can and I have been cleaning my apartment nonstop and preparation for my family's arrival. Does any of this sounds familiar to you? You know it's the season when… Sounds about right, correct?
 I do have to admit in all the hustle bustle I have slacked off in the running department, I haven't gone out for nearly as many runs as I would like. And then after Sunday's race I was actually kind of sore which made me sad. Because that means I'm falling out of shape. But that is something to look forward to after Christmas as well, the ability to get out there and run again after it's over!
 To go out and run off all the candy, cookies, ham, stuffing, and just the overall gorging of oneself during the holidays you can run off. Not to mention any family frustrations you may have built up over the last few days (and coming days). Running is much better than therapy. 
I am hoping that the rest of you have found time to get out and run this month and hopefully haven't fallen victim to all the treats that have been strategically placed in front of you at all times during the whole month.
 It's that time year again we start making New Year's resolutions and planning for the next year to start. I'm always trying to think of new ways to motivate myself, to keep going, to keep running, to keep trying to stay in shape and eating well. This year I have found a new fitness goal to strive for, it has to do with my Mountains 2 Beach marathon in May. I would like to reach a certain fitness level before the race. And not to be just fit enough to finish the race but to look good doing it! My goal is to be able to feel comfortable running the marathon in a sports bra and shorts. It sounds silly but I've never run in that outfit before and there would be the added benefit of staying s bit cooler. I'm going to be going from cool cool weather in WA to significantly warmer weather in So Cal. The more reasons, the better! Easier for me to not lose sight of my goal. 
Have you started thinking of a New Years resolution yet? 
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Marathoner's Christmas Day 14

How many of you go out for a run and don't take any form of ID with you? What happens to you if there's an accident? Will the emergency crew be able to ID you somehow or be able to know if you have any sort of allergies to any medications? These are some of the things that road ID had in mind when they created their athletic identification cards. They very similar to dog tags in that they are metal, small and say who you are. We could also put your address, emergency contacts, you're known allergies, and even your blood type on it just in case of emergencies. And that way you're not always bog down by dragging your ID everywhere you go.
(Photo provided by
 I personally have been using a Road ID for a couple of years now and I think it's great. I have a small clip that just goes right on my shoe and I don't have to worry about even taking it off when I'm done. It's pretty much always on my shoes.
(Photo provided by
 The gift of "practicality" in Anthony's words is what I gave him in the form of the Road ID. That might be true but it's only because I care. If you're looking for a gift for someone you care about you want to show that you care this is definitely a good gift for that. 
Get many different types of devices to carry your ID on. There are bracelets, shoe clips, shoe pouches, ankle bracelets and even dog tags. They even have special tags and collars for your furry friends. 
(Photo provided by
It's great for safety and practicality! I highly recommend Road ID! to learn more! 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

12Ks of Christmas 12K Run

Today was the day of the 12Ks of Christmas 12K and 5K run in Kirkland. This race has been going on for several years now and this year they decided to change the course to accommodate the growing numbers of participants over the last several years. The location for the start and end of the race was Heritage Park, this turned out to be a much better location than in previous years because there is a lot more space to sprawl out and nobody was over crowded. 
I started off my day by waking up at the crack of dawn and heading down to Kirkland to volunteer at registration and packet pick up.
 I've done this for Promotion Events before at Green Lake Gobble last month. Thankfully this time it was not raining and we were not forced to stay under tents the whole time. We were short probably two or three volunteers and we had a line backed up about 20 yards! But it ended up working out alright. I was able to hand out the packets this time and it worked out much smoother then before. I was volunteering until just before their start of the race, at the five minute mark I ran back up to my car, took off my hoodie, put on my armband and then realized I didn't have the pins for me bib! So I had to run back down to packet pick up and then run back over to the start line, so it was a hectic start but I made it there in the knick of in time. Just when I got my earbuds about in the start gun went off in the race was underway! 
I wasn't able to participate in the pre race activities but I could hear the race host over the loudspeaker and it seemed that he was doing a great job of keeping the crowd entertained. 
The start of the race went well, the 5K the 12 K stayed together for about a mile and a half before we split off and that's when the race kind of went little awry for me. At about mile three we weren't really allowed to use the full right lane anymore and we kind a got squished down to just the bike lane and sidewalks (with both it was about the size of one street lane) which I don't really like because there were so many people that you had to either run on the sidewalk and be curb hopping the whole time or run in the bike lane which was super narrow and packed full of people. I actually ended up kind of doing the curb hopping thing on the sidewalk for a few miles because the road was so slanted for water run off that it was driving my knee insane. 
There were two water stops during the race and they were a little bit small for the race size, some of the volunteers were even using the ground as a "table" for water cups and picking up the cups off the ground which I thought was a little weird but on the upside they did have a real trash cans and I repeat cans as in plural! To throw our cups the away in, which was really nice because I hate having to toss my cup on the ground at races when they don't have enough cup disposal locations. Other than that the race was going really well until the last mile at Waverley Way, there were so many spectators and cheer groups that they spread into the race course and it was really hard to see where we were supposed to go. Next year I'd highly recommend roping off that section so that the runners and the spectators are not mingling and slowing the runners down. 
The last mile started off as a slight uphill but then finished the last half mile downhill which is great. I love finishing races on a downhill instead of pushing up the last bit, you can always run harder on the way in when you're going downhill too. The post race reception and party was really great they had a lot of vendors, lots of free giveaways, free water, a really nice stage and a really festive atmosphere even a photo backdrop. 
Overall the race was a great event and I highly recommend this family friendly holiday run to anyone! It is also dog and stroller friendly. Like I said my only complaint was the "sidewalk curb hopping", the street probably wouldn't bother most people. Don't let that deter you from choosing this race in the future. It's a Very well organized race that is lots of fun!
Thank you for reading! Keep on Running!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Marathoner's Christmas Days 12 and 13

Well we are nearing the end of the Merry Marathoner's Christmas! With Christmas in must four more days it is hard to believe. I am very excited for Christmas to finally be here. It feels like it is taking forever to get here this year. 
On day 12 Anthony received a pair or running gloves. They are a nice thin pair, just enough to keep the wind off his hands when he is running but not so thick that his hands will turn into a sweaty mess during the run either. They also have the conductive material on the index finger and thumb enables you to conveniently change the song or monitor your pace on your touchscreen device without removing your gloves.
For Day 13 Anthony received another running shirt, exactly the same as his other one that he received a couple of days ago just in green this time. Working on building up his running wardrobe one piece at a time. Soon he will have everything that a runner could need! 
Keep checking in to see what else Anthony will receive during the final days of the Merry Marathoner's Christmas!
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Seattle Food Tour, Food Pictures Galore!

Tricia and I partied hardy last Friday evening in Capital Hill, Seattle. She invited me out for a Seattle Food Tour, something that I had never done before and I thought it sounded like fun (after I figured out what she was talking about.) So I arrived at Bar Cotto, the start of the tour, and I thought we were going to two places and Tricia informs me that we were going to five! WoW!  So after I get the confusion out of the way we are greeted by our tour host Coral. 
Bar Cotto is owned by Ethan Cole and is a small Parma-style salumeria and cocktail bar with pizza, Italian vegetables, bruschetta and a daily selection of both local and international cured meats. We had the pleasure of enjoying Bar  "torta fritta" (fried dough breads) with Prosciutto Cotto, Mortadella and Salami paired with a Lambrusco sparkling red wine, the bubbles in the wine help you salivate more which in turn helps wash down strong or salty foods.
The second stop on our tour was Le Zinc, Le Zinc is a sister restaurant of Maximilian located in Pike Place Market. Le Zinc is stilly relatively new only 1 year and 7 months old! It is contemporary French gastropub which features a carefully selected bar menu primarily of local and French spirits. We were served scallops breaded with comte cheese on a Fingerling potato hash, Apple slices and taro root chips with a bourbon sauce.
Our third stop and my favorite was Momiji Sushi Resturant and Bar they specizlize in hand-crafted sushi, rolls, omakase and other traditional Japanese foods prepared from great Northwest ingredients.We were served edimmome and a wonderful and amazing butterfly roll made with Ahi tuna, creamy crab, avocado and dressing creamy crab, and tobiko.  The fish is very fresh with a slight lemony citrus taste, brisk and bright flavored with a slight spice to the roll. The wasabi was very smooth and not overpowering like most wasabi and it very good. The Ginger wasn't bitter or old it was fresh and perfect! Soft and flavorful. This was some of the best sushi I have ever eaten and I love sushi. 
Our fourth but not last stop was the Tin Table in the Odd Fellows building, it is a tucked away romantic spot in the upper floors of the historic Odd fellows Hall and showcases regional cuisine with an attention to locally sourced and sustainable farm fresh ingredients. The owner Hallie Kuperman greeted us upon our arrival and told us about the evening we were to have. Then Chef Frank Wielgosiek came out and introduced himself and described that we were to have hickey smoked salmon with bacon braised cabbage and apples, buckwheat spaetzle, pomegranate seeds and a drizzle of pomegranate syrup. After eating we were given a tour of the Century Ballroom and the champagne flute wall. It was just incredible! Everyone was so nice and took the time to explain every question any of us had. I highly recommend the Tin Table. 

The dessert stop was at D’Ambrosio Gelato, my favorite dessert! I never had gelato until I moved to Seattle but now I am an addict. I had Caramel and Mexican chocolate gelato. So creamy and delicious! D'Ambrosio Gelato uses fresh local ingredients that are masterfully combined with imported nuts, preserves and chocolates to create a refined handmade Gelato daily by University Certified Gelato Masters, a certification that very few in the world can claim to have received. D’Ambrosio artisan gelato is made from Organic Dairy products from Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy of Lynden WA and Fresh Fruit, no corn syrup, no preservatives, no artificial coloring.
Thank you all so much for taking the time to read about this wonderful tour! I highly recommend this wonderful evening out!

Merry Marathoner's Christmas Days 10 and 11

Let's take it back to the basics, running gear 101. It may seem silly but everyone has to start somewhere and when you're just starting out something for the very first time you don't have things you need such as running shirts or even running pants. So that's what the Christmas gifts were for a days 10 and 11. 
On day 10 Anthony received a running shirt and on day 11 he received a pair of running leggings. Both are things that he didn't have before and the leggings will really help out during the winter months. You don't have to have special gear when it comes to running but it does help keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, it helps keep you dryer and it keeps the chances of chafing down. When it comes to long distance running it can be worth it to invest in running specific clothing, if anything to keep the chafing down. And for me to keep it helps to keep me cooler because I sweat like a pig, and I am not afraid to admit that either! 
For me, when I buy running gear I try to not spend tons of money, so I watch clearance and closeouts. It will help a lot if you are like me and don't care so much about colors, that'll really help, because you can get high quality gear on that cheap if you're willing to sacrifice certain things like that, for me most of my running clothes are pink because that's what's on clearance. But that's okay it just makes it easier for cars to notice me when I'm running. I also look for coupons and discount codes because you'd be surprised just how expensive running gear is $65-$200 or even $50+ for a shirt but I never pay those prices because I think it's silly. 
The most expensive thing any running should own besides a running watch are their shoes. Which is one thing you can't skimp out on but that doesn't mean you can use promo codes or coupons to get the pair that fits your needs the best. 
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Merry Marathoner's Christmas Day 9

If you're anything like me you're always checking the news updates on the latest and greatest technologies for runners and triathlons alike. There are many different types of sport watches out there ranging from $30-$700 but I have my eye on one fitness band called the Microsoft band which is currently unavailable otherwise I would buy one because I'm very excited about it and the other is the Garmin 920 XT which is basically on my dream list because by the time you get the watch and the heart rate monitor and any other accessories you're looking at about $700 for the whole thing. But in the meantime I know almost all of us have cell phones and cell phones actually have gotten really good about their GPS apps for running that you can download for free. I prefer map my run and I hear really good things about run keeper as well. And of course if you're using your phone to run then you're gonna need a place to put it! And that brings me to the Merry Marathoner's Christmas Day 9 Christmas gift. An armband for your phone, now most of us have one of these lying around somewhere, I personally have two but ironically I hardly ever listen to music on my phone when I run which is why bought it originally. Now I mostly just use it for GPS tracking. And is a great temporary solution until I can get one of those watches that I've been dreaming about, the same thing for Anthony, he wants a Microsoft band which also has GPS tracking for daily life and for running.
This is the armband that I bought Anthony it's nothing fancy just the basic running armband but I made sure to get one that is a little bit more water resistance than others because we do live in the Pacific Northwest and it rains a lot. I just wanted to make sure that his phone would be protected. But a little trick I found is to put my phone in the armband underneath my running slick it makes it hard to get to during a run but it will  keep your phone nice safe and dry. 
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Merry Marathoner's Christmas Day 8

Have you ever been out running in the cold but A hat was just too much and makes you get overheated? Or have tried to traditional earmuffs and then they end up just falling off your head from the bouncing of the running? Well boys and girls alike can rejoice because there's such thing as a technical fabric which has moisture wicking technology made into headbands! So the best I have found us far I've been by Saucony. I have a pink one that also has a ponytail hole and I gifted Anthony a black universal one last night. He tried it on right away and was pleasantly surprised that it covered his ears without compromise! 
His and hers, mine is much wider than the black one. They have several different styles for anyone who needs one. 
I have never over heated in this headband and it has never been too cold either. The breath ability is fantastic on these little guys. I highly recommend them!
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Merry Marathoner’s Christmas Day 6 & 7

Getting down to some great gifts! Day 6 was a hand held water bottle that can be used for runs that are over 4 miles, I find that any longer than that and I need to find ways to get that extra hydration in. I have a small 8 ounce water bottle that I sometimes carry with me when I know water will be hard to find. This one that I gave to Anthony is a bit bigger at 22 ounces. I figured it would be easier for him to carry because he has bigger hands than I do. It also has a small pouch for Gu or keys. Over all a very handy devise, get it? Handy?
Day 7 was a bit on the “luxury” side. An active half-zip pullover from Old Navy. It has contrasting chest-to-chin zipper and trim along a mock turtleneck and ends of the sleeves. The long sleeves feature a thumb loops for added comfort or just to keep your hands warm when you don’t want to wear gloves! It is a great addition to any active wardrobe.
I personally love the thumb holes in my long sleeve active gear. I don’t like to wear gloves that often because they can make my hands get over heater after I get a couple of miles in and the thumb hole option allows you to uncover your hands when they get warmed up but not have to carry gloves around with you on your run. Not saying when it’s below 30 degrees that I don’t go ahead and wear my running gloves though! 
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nintendo Holiday Party

Anthony and I put Merry Marathon's Christmas on hold yesterday and attended his company annual holiday party instead. Which, for us, is the event of the year. Anthony dressed in a very nice suit and bow tie and I wore a black evening dress, my favorite compliment of the evening was "You two look like you are from a James Bond movie!" That really made me feel good!
Nintendo sure knows how to throw a part! They have tons of food catered by Tom Douglas, he himself was even serving at the party, live music and of course, open bars, yes, several of them! 
This year Anthony and I spent most of the evening playing in the mock casino, which neither of us had planned on doing. Anthony placed his bet in roulette and lost but I only played a small bet. I wanted to bet a bit more so I told Anthony to mingle and when he came back that we would go dance. Well when he came back I still had "$400" so we placed the bet on "24" the day of our first date and won! $17k of fake money lol with that we went and played blackjack for quite a while and tried to get up to a winning amount. The top 3 earners for
the evening would receive gift cards. We ended up with $27k but didn't quite make it into the top 3. We had a complete blast! I feel very fortunate that I was able to go again this year with Anthony. I hope that you are able to attend some wonderful holiday events of your own.
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Merry Marathoner's Christmas Day 6

Not long ago seeing people other than construction workers, or someone similar, wearing some form of a reflective vest was almost unheard of. But these days people have taken that idea and changed them into a great too for our door enthusiasts who like to spend time outside in the dark hours of the day. 
I am personally a huge fan of these vests, I just recently purchased my own but these vests have saved many lives of walkers and runners in the neighborhood that I work. People are always speeding around the neighborhood and it can be incredibly hard to see these people even if they are using some kind of light, usually that isn't what I see when I am driving, it's the reflective gear that they are wearing that gives me the heads up that they are walking in the middle of the road. (No, I don't know why they walking/running in the middle of the road when it is pitch black out.) My coworkers are always saying that the only reason why they didn't run someone over is because they saw this vest! Scary, right?!
You might think they are dorky or geeky but when you are out on the streets in the dark it may be your only line of defense against the traffic. If you are an early morning or late evening street runner or walker I highly recommend having something at least similar to this vest.
Stay safe, be visible! (Also recommend not walking/running in the middle of a road.) 
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running! 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Merry Marathoner's Christmas Day 5

What is the most useful thing for long hours spent in the sun beside sunblock? Or when you're out and about you want to keep the rain off your face? Why a hat of course!
There are many different types of hats out there but the one that's not really cool but tends to be the most practical for running in my experience are visors. Why? Because they keep the sun out of your eyes, the sweat from getting into your eyes, the rain out of your face and it keeps your head nice and cool because it's not an enclosed top.
I was actually running a couple years before I discovered the magic of a visor and I'm sad that took me so long to figure it out. It is such a wonderful tour of the rain and sun I highly recommend it to any runner who doesn't want to give up a run because it's too sunny or because it's too rainy. Work is just a great tool to keep the sweat from pouring into your eyes Junior long hot runs. I say after my experience it is a must-have in your running wardrobe.
I chose this Under Armor visor because it is a tech fabric visor and it is also moisture waking to help keep the sweat off the head. But there are many different types, I personally use a Northface visor, which is a little thinner material and it I love it.
Definitely keep this in mind when you're out buying your next piece of running gear.
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Not Eww, Gu!

Yesterday was day 4 of Merry Marathoner's Christmas and it was a plethora of Gu products. Fueling properly for long distance running or any thing of extreme endurance is very important. There are fueling products from protein bars and energy drinks to Gu shots and jellybeans. I can't say whether any product is better than another it's a very personal choice of what you use. For me I have a very picky stomach so I choose what doesn't upset my stomach and I get products that tend to not ruin my run.
For me it took several different tries to find a project that work best and I think that goes for most people usually don't find a product that's best for you on your first try a lot of trial and error. But that's what training runs are for and believe it or not trying out new fuel products is very much so part of training. When race day comes you need to be properly energized and you don't want to be trying new things on race day.
So my advice is to go slow and try new things over several weeks and write down what works best for you and what doesn't that way you remember for future uses. Is there are hundreds if not thousands of different products geared to athletes. 
This is the assortment that I gifted to Anthony lemon lime and tropical fruit roctane ultraendurance drinks, vanilla bean, strawberry banana, tri berry, chocolate outrage, salted caramel, and mandarin orange Gu shots. Some of the most popular flavors my personal favorite is the strawberry banana.
Do you have some favorite fuel products? I would love to hear about it.
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bonnie Davis, a Running Rock Star

I would like to introduce Bonnie Davis a 45 year old Rock Star from Livonia, MI. She started running when other high impact workouts just weren’t enough and she wanted to see what else she could do. She started running in 2013 with the help of her sister who works for New Balance and was able to get her the hook up on running gear, how wonderful! This is her running journey.
What inspires you to run?
“I am inspired to run because it seemed like such an impossible feat for me. I used to lie in freshmen gym class, saying I had asthma to get out of our pre class run warm up. I have always hated it, but longed to do it. I have had dreams that I'm running and running, but it's like flying. I also am inspired by older runners I see at races who look fantastic. I want to be like that someday.”

Where do you prefer to run? Trails, treadmill, road, etc.?
“I definitely prefer to run outdoors. My neighborhood is pretty flat and boring but it's laid out for easy routing and lots of safe sidewalks and neighborhoods lend to safe nighttime running if necessary. I want to delve into trails more next spring. I have been known to stop and just run in a park if it appeals and I'm dressed for it!”

What are your favorite pieces of running gear? And least?
My favorite pieces are the beautiful shoes my sister has so generously supplied me, my HB Tune handband for my iPhone because I hate shoulder holders and it's more convenient to access my phone during runs, and in the summer, my wrist sweat bands. A must! I think my least fav piece would be sunglasses. A necessary evil, but mine always steam up and drip and get in the way.”

Why do you run?
“I run because I love the high I get, because it makes me feel good about myself, because I' have overcome a challenging activity I never thought I could do, and because it seems to help me control my weight.”

Have you run any races? If so what is your favorite race so far?
“I have run in 6 5ks and one 4 miler. My last one was called The Moonlight Bootlegger, it was at night, in the cold, and it was my first trail race ever, I had never run on trails and hills, in the dark! It was a blast. I came in 4th in my age group by 30 seconds. Grrrrrr”

What run, personal or race, are you the most proud of accomplishing?
“I'm proud of all my races so far! In 2 of them, I placed 3 rd in my age group and got medals which really got me hooked, and of those, 1 in particular was ultra-cool because my hubby got 3rd in his age group too! We laughed and teased each other about it, but felt pretty good about ourselves!”

If you have a weight loss journey can you provide a brief description of your start and current progress?
“I have been on a weight loss journey for a long time. I have been a Weight Watchers Lifetimer for over 2 years, maintaining a 35 to 40lbs loss. The running only started in April of this year, but it definitely has helped maintain.”

Have you seen any health improvements?
“I have definitely seen improvements. My breathing during runs has improved immensely. That was originally my deterrent to running, my breathing was horrible and I would have to stop a lot. Now, I never walk during runs, and my breathing, unless it’s super cold or windy, is the least of my concerns while running. I also have found other workouts are much easier. Ones that were so challenging before are far less now. My legs definitely look better too!”

If you run races, how do you feel about receiving a finishing medal for short distances like 5ks?
“I like medals if it’s for speed and not just for running the race. I will not run a race because they offer medals to all finishers. I think that’s a bit silly. I think you should get a medal for going fast! I mean, it's almost childish to me to run a race just to get a medal that you basically just paid to get. But that’s just me! I do think you should get a medal for doing a half or a marathon! You deserve it!!!! And I don't think you're doing that distance JUST to get a medal. But I think there are a lot of medal mongers out there. And these companies that put on races and offer medals to finishers in 5ks know this!”

Do you have any tips or advice for beginner runners or runners who are thinking about quitting?
“If I have any advice to anyone considering running, it would be just do it. Start out slow, follow one of the programs out there for couch to 5k, and don’t tell yourself you can’t. Don't find excuses not to, they all suck usually. You must overcome many worries when you start running. Yes, your breathing will suck, walk when you have to, yes your knees and thighs will hurt, and they need to adjust to the new activity! Just do it. Either you get hooked or you don't. And on those days when you don't feel like doing it at all, DO IT! That’s when you feel the best afterwards!!! Unless you are terribly injured, don't quit if you love it. I keep hearing if you go to a doctor who tells you not to run, find another doctor! And don't ever think you're too old!”
Thank you Bonnie Davis for sharing your story. 

Keep on Running!

Merry Marathoner's Christmas Day 3

This gift is a little bit more visual and you may have seen others using them and wondered "What on earth?" They are called compression sleeves or compression socks. I gave the gift of compression sleeves. 
There are many benefits of compression sleeves for instance if you cramp up a lot while you are running they can help reduce the frequency or if your healing time takes a few days and you want to shorten that, they can help with that as well. 
Pro compression states that "benefits such as improved blood flow, stability and comfort are universally understood." These are little bit hard to put on but can show great improvement of the reduction of swelling for instance. "True graduated compression promote circulation by squeezing fluids away from your feet and ankles toward your knees and core. This design reduces swelling and inflammation and provide critical support to muscles and tendons." 
Even though I bought these for the use of running there are also great if you're standing long days were traveling and can't move forward many hours to help reduce swelling in your legs.
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Merry Marathoner's Christmas Day 2

Yesterday was officially day two of Anthony's Merry Marathoner's Christmas. What he received most people don't really think of, but it can be a vital tool for long-distance running if your a man or even a woman. 
It's body glide or an anti-Chase balm that you can place in areas such as nipples or wear a brawl my rub you wrong when you're running. It keeps the sores away and makes for a happy runner. It can be used and also to places even on your ankle where your new shoe might be rubbing you wrong. If you get a run with a cotton T-shirt on you know that's just bad news Bears and this is the perfect product to help with that. It's just a new and improved version of the old classic Vaseline which still works great but can get messy really fast. The new bar form of body glide makes it much easier to apply and travel friendly. 
Very Merry Christmas and keep on running!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Full Marathon Training

Well it's here! It's here I have finished our first week of our full marathon training for the mountains to beach marathon in Ventura California in May. Where using the My Asics customizable training plan to create our own training plan. You can create a plan online or on your phone. But I really like about is how flexible it is. I think it will be a great tool for us in the long run. 
Last night before I run I decided to start Anthony's Merry Marathon Christmas early because of the gift I gave him. We now have his and her knuckle lights! It turns out they work pretty well, I was a little hesitant because you have to kind of are holding it your hand while you're running but it turns out they are way way better than using a headlamp which just falls off. I'm really looking forward to all of the other Christmas gifts for Anthony and it may be a little bit because I get to "use" them too LOL. 
I hope you are having a very Merry Christmas season and are still continuing to run and stay healthy.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cold Weather Running

This weekend I ran in Seattle half marathon and it was 26° at the start which is the coldest temperatures I have ever run in but I went prepared. I wore my running leggings like normal with an extra pair of sweatpants on top which were meant to be donated at one of the water stops if I warmed up enough. And then I wore to longsleeve running shirts and then a sweater that was also meant to be donated if I became warm enough during the run, which I ended up donating at mile two.  I also wore my light weight running gloves and a light weight headband just to keep my ears covered and ended up being perfect not too much not too little. 
Last night I went out for a run with Anthony and it was 30°. I just wore my running capris, two long sleeve running shirts, gloves and my headband. I was a little chilled but I quickly realize that was because the sun wasn't out versus on Sunday the sun was shining bright. But overall for running it was just right. Anthony because he's still a new runner is learning how to dress appropriately for different types of runs we have been encountering. For instance last night he wore sweats which was great, then a medium weight jacket with the tech shirt, a skullcap and really heavy duty snow gloves. He quickly found out this was way too much, the jacket made him burn up in the gloves were just way too warm for him. That's part of the learning process of constantly changing weather conditions four runner. And most the time it's completely different for each runner and you just have to find what works best for you. For cold-weather running sometimes less is more as Anthony found out last night. 
My vice for cold-weather running is at least have a one layer that covers down to your hands and ankles then you can add extra layers if needed to stay warm. Along with the headband or skullcap and a pair of light gloves. No need to go super fancy that you dollar store ones work. But I find if you add too many layers you run into the same situation Anthony had last night. Because mostly your layer is to prevent the wind from hitting you, more so than protects you from the cold getting in because your body really takes care of itself when you're running. 
Another thing to consider is ICE! Always pay attention to wear you are running and be safe! Also be sure to wear your reflective gear, because of the early nights and holiday drivers safety comes first!
Keep on Running! Be safe! 
Don't forget to stretch it out! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It's finally here! My favorite time of the year! I was even a good girl this year and waited until after Thanksgiving to start setting up my Christmas decorations. This year was a very special year because I was able to set up my Christmas tree with my boyfriend Anthony. This is the first time we've been able to set up Christmas tree together, cheesy I know but it was a first for us.
In order to set up my Christmas tree this year I had to do some fancy rearranging in order to create a space for it. But I was bound and determined to make it work, so I moved my desk and computer over to Anthony's just create a spot for Christmas tree in my dining room. It's also allowed enough space for my Christmas guest to sleep. So it's a win-win rearranging decision. I have a few more Christmas decorations to put up but this year I'm not decorating nearly as much as I did last year. Simply because I don't want to spend as much money this year, I don't want to spend any money this year. Lol 
And what are the ways I decided to save money for decorations this year is using my Buy Nothing in Redmond group to obtain a few more Christmas decorations on the free. I've already received a ton of Christmas bulbs, a mini Christmas tree with its decorations and two stockings all through my Buy Nothing group on Facebook. It's a great way to spread warmth and kindness and your community. 
Anthony and I are hoping to be able to decorate the exterior of the house this week with it compilation of my exterior lights and hits. If we can get it all up he'll actually have a very bright house by the time we are done. I'm really looking forward to making his house shine with Christmas cheer. 
I hope that your Christmas decorating goes well, stay safe always have a spotter when you're on the ladder and don't do it in the dark. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Amica Seattle Half Marathon Recap!

Yesterday I ran in the Amica Seattle half marathon in downtown Seattle. At the start it was 26° and I had severe reservations about running because I never ran in such cold weather before but It didn't hold me back and I ran the race anyway. 
Before the race I met up with the Seattle Green Lake Running Group in the Seattle Center Armoury for a group photo. 
You can barely see me but I am there! Far  right peeking over a head lol 
At the packet pick up on Saturday I met the 2 hour and 30 minute pacer. I joked and said I would be following him at the race and he said "No, you'll be running with me!". I laughed and brush it off but come race time I met up with him on the race line, and you know what? We ran the whole race together! We started off as a large group but it didn't take long for people to thin out. And by the end it was the two Pacers and my new friend Arjun crossed that finish line together.
This race is one of the harder races I have run in the past and is still one of the hardest run I have yet run because it is incredibly hilly and because there are so many people is actually hard to navigate during the run. So with the weather and my ill preparation for the race I felt like I was going to do terrible and maybe not even finish. But I actually did really well! If I hadn't met up with the Pacers and stayed with the group I'm not sure I would've even finished but they were such encouraging people there's no way I could've let them down and stopped, it was wonderful.
I ended up running the race in 2 hours and 28 minutes which is awesome! My PR is 2:18 and that was a completely flat course, so with the weather and the hills I think 2:28 is really really good for me. I'm proud of that number for sure. 
This year there were a couple more obstacles then there usually are dear Grace for instance the cold weather but thankfully it was sunny and no wind and the fact that the water stations completely froze over. People always spill the water and the water gets everywhere so there was about a 10 foot circle around the water stations that was just ice and it was literally like an ice rink and people were slipping and falling all over the place. 
It was extremely difficult to see someone fall knowing that if it had been me to fall I probably would not be able to get back up but they did I saw probably 10 people fall and they all got back up.
At the finish line I was met by Anthony and he helped me get through the recovery center and get me out of there. It was just too crowded and I don't blame it it people, it's a great recovery center with tons of food and even massages.
Stretching after the race, so important!
Overall it was a great race and a great experience. I've never been able to run a half with the same people I started with and finished with it was great. Definitely have to find a running partner LOL! 
I can't wait to run this again next year with Anthony! Such a great race, breathe taking views of the mountains and lakes. With beautiful views of Bellevue and Seattle during the run. Wish I could've taken some photos but I was a bit busy. 
Thank you for reading!
Keep on Running!