Sunday, February 14, 2016

Any more races out there that I should do?

WOW is all I have to say when it comes to my running lately. I am working through my training plan and it is just amazing how I have changed in just over a month. Last weekend I about gave up doing my 18 mile run and yesterday I made it through my 20 mile run with a bounce still in my step! I am definitely finding my honest love for running again, and dare I say it? Loving the longer runs too! This week is kind of a "week off" so to speak. My longest run is 10 miles. It'll be nice to drop down this week and rest up a bit, because I will need it before ramping back up again in a big way! The countdown is on, 74 days before the big race. It'll be here before I know it. 
Strangely, I have several other races coming up as well... Not sure how that happened when I decided this year I'd do less races than last year. 
Lake Sammamish Half Marathon
Hot Chocolate 15k, Pacer
Blooms to Brews Marathon
Frisco Railroad Run 50 Miler
Mt Zion Trail Ragnar (Possible)
Ragnar NW Passage ULTRA tream
Whistler Half Marathon
Light at the end of the Tunnel Marathon (Planning on signing up)
NYC Marathon (If I get in)
Seattle Marathon
I love to find some more ultras to try out as well. Not to mention some trail races. Oh so much adventuring to be had and so little time! I haven't even started my cycling yet this year either. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Is it weird that I am glad my butt hurts?

The Frisco Railroad Trail.
My gluteus maximus is a whee bit sore... This is a good thing! I am building up the muscles in my buttocks, which is great for all of the stabilizing it'll need to be doing for me in my ultra. 50 miles on a gravel trail is going to put my butt to the test! 
This weekend I ran 26 miles total. I am pretty proud of that, considering my training started in the second week of January, officially. I feel like I am well on my way! I would said I could go out and run a full marathon right now if I wanted too (after the soreness of my butt goes away lol). I feel like my training is making good progress and if I keep ramping up like this, I have no worries about the ultra. 
Taking a quick break at mile 7 in my 10.21 miles on Sunday.
It can only go up from here! Have a wonderful day!
Keep on Running!