Monday, March 28, 2016

When you run an ultramarathon to train for an ultramarathon!

Starting out! All ready to go with the 42 degree temps!
50k or 31 miles, that is what I just ran in preparation for my 50 mile run coming up April 30th. Heading into this training run I was really nervous, I honestly didn't know if I could do it or not. I had some really great emotional support from all of my running friends and coworkers going into this run and even more support from Anthony who crewed for me the last 12 miles. Him being there, holding my water and gels for me made a world of difference. 
Mile 2! 
My run started off a few minutes late. I thought it'd be light enough out at 6:30 to start my run without night gear but I had to wait until about 6:40, I didn't think too much on it because 10 minutes in a 6 1/2 hour training run is barely a drop in the bucket. So I started off and before I even got to mile 2 I had to pee! Ugh! So I headed on as quickly as I good to mile 4, the Ballard Locks, which I knew would have restrooms. I hit the restrooms and went to snap a picture of the Locks before heading on and my phone said 1% ... so I turned it off and turned on my battery charger. 
Mile 4, Ballard Locks
I headed on and then got way off track...I knew the trail turned into side walks for a little while but a sign to turn back to the trail never showed up! So I added an additional 2 miles to my run early on just trying to find the trail again, and with doing so climbed up a couple of decent hills! When I finally hit mile 8 and ready for another gel break I was back to the trail and I thought I'd check on my phone, it was completely dead and not charging. I fiddled with my phone for the next 10 miles, significantly slowing me down and adding much unneeded stress to my run. Normally my phone dying could mean less but this time I needed it to tell Anthony when I was getting close to the 20 mile mark! 
Mile 4, Ballard Locks
At mile 15 I borrowed a fellow runner's cellphone to call Anthony and it turns out I didn't have his number memorized. I was really close! But had the last 2 digits wrong. More frustrated than ever I drudged on and thankfully Anthony showed up without my calling him and he actually back tracked on the trail and met me early at mile 19 (which should have been mile 17)! Thank goodness! I was so frustrated at that point I almost jumped for joy that he had found me. When we finally got back to his car (mile 21) I had had enough, I was hot and tired and I knew that if I didn't do something drastic I wouldn't finish my run. I peeled off my many layers and just ran. Anthony carried my water and gels and just followed me on his bike and pulled over every time I needed water or a gel. I have never run with my top off before but it felt sooo good after being so hot and my shirt also decided to chafe my side horribly, so that was another reason for the drastic measure. 
Mile 26.2! Full Marathon done!
Once we headed back out again I felt really good 2 minutes per mile faster kind of good! Miles 24-26 we pretty rough, I was getting tired and was ready for a break but then I got a second wind and things got way easier again! My last mile I felt so good that I ran to the finish another 2 minutes faster than I had been running. Talk about negative splits! 
Mile 31.1, 50k ultra training run complete!
Even though I about had a mental break down along the way, I am really proud of how strong my first ultra run went. I am really looking forward to April 30th and now I am more confident than ever that I will be able complete that run! 
Feeling strong after the run! 
Two days after my 31 miles and I am walking fine, my butt and bronchus were about the only two things sore. Which is great! I did get a massive headache and upset stomach the day after but it turns out, it was simply from being exhausted. A simple nap cured both ailments. 
I am super excited for the future! I never thought in my wildest dreams that I'd feel so good running 31 miles. What will be next?!
Keep on Running!
Thank you again Anthony!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March Madness!

So much has happened this month! 

  1. I found a new apartment
  2. I moved
  3. Ran the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon
  4. Paced the Hot Chocolate 15k Seattle
  5. Ran with the SGLRG Saturday 7:00 Morning Run for the first time
  6. Ran with the SGLRG Tuesday Evening Run for the first time
  7. Went to a Pie Bar on Pi Day for the first time
  8. Ran as an Easter Bunny in the Beat the Bunny 5k for the first time
  9. Bought a new running watch! Garmin Fenix 3 HR!!!
  10. And so much more! 
That's just a very small portion of what all has been going on this past month. Life is good! 

Having a great time at the Lake Sammamish Half! Perfect weather and perfect run!
I started off this race thinking that I would run an easy 11:30 the whole time in preparation for the Hot Chocolate 15k the next day, that didn't last long. The weather was too nice to waste! I split off from the pacers and just had fun :D
11:30 Pacer for the Hot Chocolate 15k Seattle with Beast Pacing!
I had an amazing opportunity to pace with Beast Pacing once again at the Hot Chocolate 15k. I had a blast even if I didn't have anyone following me during the race. At least I kept perfect time!
Cherry Blossom run with SGLRG!
I have been casually a part of SGLRG for a couple of years now but haven't really been able to make the MeetUps whether it from my work schedule or just living too far away. Now that I live just a couple of miles away, no excuses not to join in on the fun! This run was through Univeristy of Washington's campus to look at the beautiful Cherry Blossoms! 
I was the blue bunny in the Beat the Bunny 5k
I was asked to be one of the bunnies at the Beat the Bunny 5k this year. I felt so honored to be asked! It was a really hard gig (when it came to the actual running) but it was so much fun to hang out with a bunch of active kids! As you can see a couple of other mascots decided to join in on the fun as well.
Some friends and I ran on the Iron Horse trail for 13 ish miles, such a great run!
We are all training for something, so we decided to take a field trip! The Iron Horse trail is over 100 miles long but we just ran 13 miles of it. Such a beautiful trail and it's an easy run! 

My new "baby"! So excited to use this new watch!
Banana cream pie for Pi Day! Sooooo goooood! 
New furniture from Ikea for my new apartment! Ikea owns me now...
Just a little bit of catch up, now that I am moved and settled in, I hope I can post more often. 
Happy happy day! Keep on running!